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Beyond Academics

Co-Curricular Activities

Child needs to know himself in terms of his abilities, interest and personality traits to develop his potential. He/She needs to know, his goals in life and plan to achieve those goals which are realistic. Beside this, the student needs a wise, sympathetic listener with broader experience than his / her own, to whom he can share his difficulties and from whom he may gain suggestions regarding his own proposed plan of action. The Co-Curricular Programme addresses these requirements of the students along with the regular academic training. It includes the following activities with specific purpose.

"Sports and physical education" play a crucial role in the all around development of children, adolescents and youth. The importance of sports in education can be gauged by the way it helps in inculcating values such as dedication, discipline, teamwork and responsibility in children, at the same time teaching them many relevant life lessons. A daily routine of sporting activities keeps students fit & agile.

The school has a unique program "School on wheels" where students learn by taking trips to places like forts, planetarium, observatory, museums, zoo, temples, etc. without the burden of books making learning a pleasant experience.

Other Creative Activities

● Dance
● Music
● Art & Craft
● Poetry Writing
● Skits and street plays
● PPT Presentations
● Clubs
● Social Initiatives
● Workshops
● Celebration of Festivals and important days

These activities provide a platform for expression of feelings, thoughts, and new ideas. Also, celebration of festivals and visits to places of historical importance keep the children connected to their roots and culture.