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General Information

Code of Conduct for teachers

Teaching in true sense is not mere instructions but influence. A person who chooses teaching as a career, assumes the obligation to conduct himself / herself at all times is accordance with the highest standard of teaching profession, aiming at quality and excellence in his / her work and conduct, setting an example which commands the respect of pupils, their parents and his / her colleagues. The teacher’s duty is merely not to communicate knowledge in specific subjects but also to help children to grow to their fullest stature and unfold their personality. In this responsible task, what matters most is the personal example of the teacher. The following points, are therefore laid down for the guidance for all employees of the school.

● Every teacher by percept and example, instills in minds of his pupils, love of the motherland, respect for law and order and tolerance for all religions.
● Every teacher shall organize and promote all school activities, which foster a feeling of love & togetherness.
● Every teacher shall co-operate with and secure co-operation of others in all activities which aim at the improvement of moral, mental & physical will being of the pupils.
● Every teacher must be a keen learner. He / She should plan out his work on approved lines & do it methodically, incorporating all useful activities.
● Every teacher should be clean & trim, neat & formal, while on duty. His / Her dress should be dignified as per the prescribed dress code.
● Every teacher shall reach school in time & sign the attendance register daily on arrival and before departure otherwise the employee may be marked absent from the duty for that day / date.
● Every teacher should be regular & punctual in attending the class work or any other work connected with the duties assigned to him / her by the Principal.
● No teacher shall be a member of any political party & shall be alert to see that the pupils also do not take active part in politics.
● Every teacher should be temperate and sober in habits. He / She should avoid chewing of betel leaves, smoking or any such undesirable habit in the presence of students and within the precincts of the school.
● No teacher shall indulge or encourage any form of malpractice connected with examinations or any other school activity.
● All employees can avail leave as per leave rules of the school.
● Grant of any leave shall depend on exigencies of the school and shall be at discretion of the Principal.
● Each teacher must maintain a teacher’s diary mentioning syllabus of the subjects being taught weekly lesson plan, text books and references used, projects undertaken, remedial measures taken to improve weak students, methodology of teaching. This diary will serve as a comprehensive record of his / her work throughout the year.
● A record of the result of tests and exams, students who need special attention, remedial measures and outcome of PTM’s should be maintained.
● Teachers must use the library and computer lab to update themselves with the book and reference material available in their subjects.
● Students school diary is the means to communicate with parents remarks regarding the performance of students should be sent in the diary on regular basis.
● Record of attendance of students should be maintained on a daily basis by the class teacher. Leave applications should be properly filed for future reference.
● Duly completed attendance register must be submitted to the Principal on the last working day on each month.
● Corporal punishment is an absolute ‘NO’. Remedial measure like extra assignments, detentions, suspension of privileges may be used after prior permission from the Principal, In case of damage due to mis-behaviour or intentional damage to the school property, fine may be imposed after prior permission from the head of the institution.
● Special attention should be paid to proper cursive handwriting, correction of grammatical mistakes, rewriting of incorrect answers, timely submission of note books for correction, weekly review of books / note books and completion of assignments.
● The class display board should be used as a means to unleash creativity and encourage students to display their talent. At all time class time table & star students record should be displayed on the pin board.
● To enhance the overall development of children, a large number of activities are organized in the school. Active involvement of all the teachers in the promotion of these programmes is essential.
● All teachers are required to attend the morning assembly and prepare children well for execution of the job assigned to the class.
● It is every teacher’s duty to maintain the discipline of the institution at all times.
● Teachers should leave and reach the classroom soon after the bell. At any point of time class should not be left unattended.
● Parents are integral part of the school and should be dealt with in a polite and courteous manner. Parent teacher meetings besides the scheduled ones can be organized if the teacher feels so after prior permission from the head.

Leave Rules

● Any staff member wishing to avail leave should take prior sanction from the Principal by submitting a written application stating the reason for leave.
● In case of medical leave, a medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner should be submitted on the day of joining school after recovery.
● In case of sudden illness or emergency, school reception should be informed telephonically before 8 am on that very day and leave application should be submitted on the day staff member reports for work. Leave will not be granted unless these formalities are complied with.
● No staff member may leave the school premises without permission. Entry in leave register should be made before leaving & on arriving / incase of short leave.
● In a month a teacher can claim 02 short leaves (upto 1 hour)/ 01 halfday leave / 01 casual leave (10 CL per year)
● 2 short leaves add upto 01 halfday leave and 2 halfday leaves equal 01 half day leave.
● Leaves of previous month will be carried forward. (Short leaves, ½ day leave and CL)
● Summer leave benefits will be given to those who have completed 12 months of job in school (One fiscal year)
● Short leaves and casual leave should not be claimed as a matter of right but should be availed in case of genuine need.
● Late coming is indicated by a circle around attendance. Three late comings in a month amount to 01 casual leave.
● Teacher must be present on first and the last day of each session to be entitled to summer holiday leave benefits.
● If a Sunday or holiday is sandwiched between applied for leaves, these days are also counted as leaves.
● Teachers are to report in school on the days set for meetings /seminar / workshops etc. even if these are holidays. This is for the betterment of school and personal / professional growth of teachers.
● If the school becomes a centre for conduction of some exam, the teachers who are assigned duties should report for work.
● The school management reserves the right to alter any rule / regulation in the interest of the institution.


Education alone does not create the path for a successful career. Correct guidance, counselling and acquaintance with different courses is essential.
For this purpose, the school organises
● Aptitude, Interest and Personality Tests
Since times immemorial teachers as well as parents have been struggling hard to find a solution to behaviour problems in children. However, in recent times the nature and gravity of behaviour problems have reached such a height that they have almost given up their fight. In this scenario the role of School Counsellor has become very crucial.


Parents are required to fix a prior appointment with the counsellor either through e-mail or telephone. They can send their queries on contact@srglobal.ac.in


Students are given detailed information on
● Time Management
● How to handle Stress
● Peer Pressure
● Study Skills
● Memorising Techniques
● Examination Blues and many other topics